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About RiTa

The aim of "RiTa - Rückenwind in der KiTa" (Tailwind in the Daycare/KiTa) is to support the leadership skills of managers and to foster junior employees. In the frame of this project, skilled workers of all hierarchy levels are to be qualified and strengthened in order to better comply with the new challenges concerned with their jobs.

The first project phase, which will take place at the end of 2016, includes both a quantitative and a qualitative survey. First of all, the needs, i.e. the expectations of the managers, the employees and the parents as regards the offer and quality of the daycare center and its office, were recorded. This was done through an anonymous employee survey and parent survey.

Based on the employee survey results, we developed a tailored training concept together with our partner "HGQM | Personal- und Organisationsberatung". The contents of this training concept includes qualification sessions for daycare center managements, junior managers and administration managers consisting of 5 modules each, which will be later implemented in the course of the project. The qualification sessions will address issues such as raising one's self-perception, the Zurich ressources model (Zürcher Ressourcenmodell®) and the subject "Veränderung initiieren" (initiating a change process).

Furthermore, a dialogue mechanism for employees (MAGS) aimed at strengthening communication and feedback between managers and employees, developed especially for RiTa by our partner "HGQM | Personal- und Organisationsberatung", will be piloted in six daycare centers.

The anonymous parent survey has given the "KiTa Zweckverband" a new point of view, enabling to support and promote the constant development of the association. This project complements the already established QM system and enables to review and further develop the organization's concept.

The project "RiTa - Rückenwind in der KiTa" (Tailwind in the Daycare/KiTa) is financially supported by the European Social Fund.

Thorsten Böning

Thorsten Böning,
MAV Kindertageseinrichtungen

„Ich finde es gut, dass sich unser Verband mit der Qualifizierung unserer Führungskräfte befasst und bedarfsorientierte Angebote präsentieren möchte!“

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